Beauty from within: what to take into account for radiant skin//La beauté à l'intérieur : quoi prendre en considération pour avoir une peau radieuse


Organic cosmetics are a key component that need to be considered if you wish to have radiant, healthy skin. Yet, here you are, titivating yourself with the best beauty products to naturally nourish your skin, and you are still facing breakouts and dry spots. This might be due to an internal irritant. Your skin being the barrier between the external environment and your organs, it expresses itself when something goes wrong inside your body. Here is a short list of the most common reasons why the daily efforts you include to your beauty routine might not always be enough to give you that healthy look you long for: 

  • Stress. I chose to add this one first to the list, because we live in a society that constantly pushes us to perform at very high levels. It is very common to experience skin problems even when you maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, exercise and hydrate properly;

  • Diet. It is quite obvious that fueling on artificial, processed foods can be damaging to your skin. The most common irritants for your skin are: refined sugar, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol. If you have dry skin, think about adding more healthy fats to your diet, such as avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc.;

  • Logically, smoking. Not only it contains a tremendous amount of chemicals, but while nicotine relieves stress, it also enhances your physical arousal level, which can be a stressor for your body. You know the drill: stress is, indeed, bad for your skin.

  • Also, dermatologists will tell you: if you have pimples on a very specific area of your face, this means one of your organs is trying to tell you it needs to be treated differently. For example, rashes on the chin are often a sign of hormonal imbalance.

At last, try to be mindful of the moments when your skin is at its best. Is there anything you do differently when so? Therefore, it can be quite a journey before you find out what is the customized routine that fits you best. And keep in mind that a radiant skin is often a sign that you are globally healthy.

If this can be another incentive to undertake being aware of your habits, so be it!


Éliane Dussault

Éliane est candidate au doctorat en sexologie. Elle étudie notamment le rôle de la présence attentive en lien avec la sexualité de populations adultes. Elle a à cœur le mieux-être et la santé des individus dans toutes les sphères de leurs vies et c’est d’ailleurs cette même vocation qui l’a poussée à écrire sur le sujet des cosmétiques biologiques.

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