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Organic rosehip oil - DEMO

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Our rosehip oil comes from Chile, land of contrasts shaped by fire. In this volcanic country where deserts and glaciers coexist, we also find, nestled in the Andes Cordillera, fertile valleys where wild rose bushes grow. Our rosehip oil is composed of the essence of one of the three main species, Rosa rubiginosa . The hardy shrubs with red fruits are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and the oil from the seeds is cold extracted.

Cosmetic and therapeutic properties
The cosmetic and therapeutic secrets of rosehip oil lie in the presence of a particularly active form of vitamin A. In scientific terms, this is transretinoic acid which has extraordinary properties. Indeed, acidic vitamin A reduces wrinkles and accelerates cell renewal. In other words, it is a powerful anti-aging agent that facilitates healing. It is also a major antioxidant agent that attacks the development of free radicals.

Regenerative, our rosehip oil is ideal for eczema, acne, scars and light burns. It helps prevent skin irregularities and reduce the relief of recent or old scars. As a preventative or curative means, rosehip oil reduces stretch marks. Rich in antioxidants, it is also an effective anti-wrinkle for mature, devitalized and dehydrated skin. A good after-sun, rosehip oil is also useful against rosacea and brown spots.

DIRECTIONS: Rosehip oil is easy to use. It can be used pure on damp skin or added to a cream and applied to the face, hands and body. Gently massage the targeted areas with your fingertips in a circular manner: wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and other irregularities. Make sure your skin is damp before application.



Rosehip oil, Vitamin E.