Organic Linen Soap Bag

Organic Linen Soap Bag

Organic Linen Soap Bag

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Casannita X Idoine

Eco-friendly soap bag hand-made in Quebec from pure organic linen. This ultra-absorbent soap bag will allow you to carry your soap without getting your other personal belongings wet. Available in several colours.

This bag also serves as:

. Multifunctional: carry bag/toilet glove/salt bag bath, etc.

. Keeps your soaps dry; helps to extend their lifespan unlike plastic cases.

. Sliding cords: used to hang for drying

. This bag becomes a toilet glove, reducing the amount of toilet's items to be       transported during of our travels.

. Bag used to store the Diva cup (linen being a material that dries quickly)

Size: 5 x 6¼ po

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