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About the products


What are the main ingredients of Idoine cosmetics?


All Idoine products contain high quality therapeutic essential oils, hydrosols which improve the aqueous phase and moringa oil. Our ingredients are natural and healthy for health and the environment. Our recipes are therefore 100% vegetable.


Where do the essential oils in Idoine products come from?


Idoine has chosen essential oils of superior quality which offer each of its cosmetics unique therapeutic properties. The essential oils present in Idoine cosmetics are verified and approved by the Institut d'Aromathérapie du Québec.


Why moringa oil?


Moringa oil has antiseptic properties. It nourishes, softens and revitalizes mature skin (vitamin E, antioxidant and anti free radicals), fragile or very dry skin prone to flaking or itching (vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids). To find out more, go here.


Do you have a certification?


Yes, our products are Quebec Vrai accredited. Find their charter here.


Are Idoine cosmetics vegan?


All of our products are vegan and not tested on animals. 


How to store Idoine products?


The ideal is to keep the products away from heat and light.


How long does an Idoine product keep open?


The products have been laboratory tested and will keep for at least 6 months after opening.


When the product is almost empty, how do you get what is left at the bottom of the bottle?


We have tested the texture of our products so that they can flow into the cork when the bottle is turned upside down for at least 24 hours. Subsequently, you can either unscrew the pump to take your cream directly on the stem or pour it into a small container (like the one for our samples). 


What does “Idoine” mean?


It is a French word which means “which fits perfectly”. You can have the right person, the right sweater, and we hope you find your perfect cosmetic routine!


Sustainable development



Is Idoine an eco-responsible company?


We make every effort to implement actions that minimize our negative impact on the environment. All of our tools, suppliers and ingredients are carefully chosen accordingly. All our containers are made from recyclable glass. We use recycled cardboard for our shipments from social reintegration companies. 

In addition, our bottles are returnable and our products are sold without overpack.


Are your containers returnable?


Yes! You can return your empty Idoine bottles (15 ml, 60 ml and 100 ml) in our shops which participate in our deposit system. So you will receive as many stamps as there are bottles returned on your Idoine loyalty card. If you don't have a loyalty card, you can request one at the store where you will return your bottles.

After 12 stamps, receive a product. All the details are written on the map. Find the shops offering the Idoine deposit system here.


Are your recipes environmentally friendly?


Idoine designs unique and superior quality formulas. Our recipes contain 100% vegetable materials, without endocrine disruptors or petroleum derivatives or ingredients harmful to the skin and the body.  


What about the local fact?


All of our Idoine products are manufactured and assembled in Quebec.


Use of products



How to choose your range and find your routine?


To find out how to choose your products and which routine to adopt, visit the dedicated page here.       


How much product should we put on the skin?


If you don't know how much product to use, we can give you our recommendations, although this varies from skin to skin. Note, however, that our products are concentrated so small amounts are sufficient. 

For an appropriate use we recommend on average 3 tonic sprays, 1 to 2 pumps of Facial cleanser , a pump of Face cream (to be adapted according to the season and the need for hydration), a few drops of Serum elixir , a small base in the palm of your hand of Facial Exfoliant and a pump of Hand & Foot Cream.


How to use the Elixir Serum?


The Elixir Serum is used before the Face Cream. If you are not using a cream, it is best to use a tonic or floral water with the serum to help it penetrate well into the skin. 


How is the face tonic used?


The Face Tonic is to be misted on the face. It will then be absorbed by the skin in a few moments so does not require rinsing.


Should we rinse off the face cleanser and facial exfoliant?


Yes, the Facial Cleanser and our two Facial Exfoliators are our three products that require rinsing with clean water.


Are Idoine products suitable for pregnant women?


All our products have no contraindication for pregnant women and babies.


Are Idoine cosmetics suitable for men?


Yes our products are mixed, suitable for everyone.


I have just started using Idoine products and my skin is reacting slightly, is this normal?


Your skin may react slightly to our products. It can be caused by different factors.

First, unlike conventional products, our cosmetics are concentrated and active. Your skin may then need some time to adapt, especially if you are not used to using natural products. We generally recommend 1 to 2 weeks of adaptation.

Temperature shocks can also cause redness (especially during winter).

Finally, if your skin is too dry or dehydrated, it can react to concentrated products because of its fragility, in this case reduce the frequency of use of the products until the quality of your skin improves.

As a general rule, if you have a feeling of heat and a slight redness on your skin, don't worry, this shows that the product is indeed active, alive and that your skin is assimilating it. On the other hand, if the reaction is more intense and unpleasant in this case, stop using the product. The Idoine experience should never be unpleasant.


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Are Idoine products sold in stores?


Find our points of sale here.


How much is shipping?


All the answers concerning the delivery on the dedicated page here.


What are the return conditions?


Details regarding returns are explained here.


How can we get samples? 

We offer discovery boxes that include delivery to help you discover our products. You can discover them here.

In addition, it is also possible to get free samples in one of our partner stores. 


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