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Sustainable Development

Since Idoine's creation, sustainable development and the circular economy is in the company's DNA. Here at Idoine, people and planet Earth are at the heart of our concerns. We work together for a better world.

Idoine, committed 100% to eco-responsibility:

Eco-responsibility is in all Idoine's decisions. We don’t compromise. To show our true colours (green!), we are embarking on the B Corp adventure, an essential certification in sustainable development.

Idoine, community builder:

Idoine is one of the well-being partner of the organization Le Chaînon, whose mission is to welcome and help women in difficulty (homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, etc.). Idoine helps Le Chaînon with product donations we hope are a balm on those women’s heart.

To support the health care staff who worked tirelessly during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Idoine donated 20 kg of facial cleanser to the Ordre des infirmières du Québec.

We seek to inform and raise the awareness of all our stakeholders on the social and environmental impacts related to the cosmetics industry, in particular via our social networks.

We work in constant collaboration with local suppliers, clients, as well as with other companies in the cosmetics or other sectors, to bring change in practices and vitality to the local economy.

We firmly believe in the circular economy, the sharing of ideas and Quebec’s economy, all key to a more resilient society.

Idoine’s Eco Commitment:

Everyone involved in Idoine's development is eco-conscious and constantly seeks to minimize the company's ecological footprint. Working in an industry that is traditionally very polluting, we choose to be avant-garde and countercurrent by fully committing to eco-responsibility.

To limit the impact of transport, we encourage telecommuting, as well as active and public transportation for all of our staff.

We print as little as possible and our paper is reused as many times as possible before being shredded and used as protection in your packages.

Most of our furniture is second-hand.

We only use eco-friendly cleaning products.

We strive to reduce our non-recyclable waste as much as possible by promoting bulk and glass jars for consumables (coffee, kombucha, snacks), to encourage local companies committed to the same approach as our own.




Throughout their life cycle, Idoine products are designed to respect the environment and our communities.


As you know, our products are certified organic by Québec Vrai and our recipes contain 100% vegetable matter, without endocrine disruptors, petroleum derivatives or ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the environment.

Our formats are larger than most other brands to avoid the overproduction of containers.

Idoine has invested heavily in research and development to ensure that its products are fluid enough to run completely in 24 hours. Simply turn the bottle upside down to release the precious last drops. Nothing goes to waste!


In 2016, in Canada, 90% of plastic waste is landfilled, incinerated, or released into the environment (source). And the global production of plastics is growing faster than other materials (source).

For all these reasons, all our bottles are made of glass to limit the production of plastic.

Idoine’s bottles are self-sufficient. We've worked hard to provide you with all the information you need on the bottle label and avoid cardboard boxes.

For our deliveries, we use FSC certified recycled cardboard and kraft paper (Forest Stewardship Council). You will not find any plastic or polystyrene in our packages. Moreover, our supplier is a social integration company.

Responsible & Local Purchasing

All our products are manufactured and assembled in Quebec. Our offices are located in Rosemont.

Our raw materials are sourced in Quebec from suppliers who ensure that they are purchased fairly and those producers get a fair price.

We promote the local economy by signing partnerships with Montreal artisans, especially for our bar soaps or Zero Waste items.

Idoine supports the solidarity economy by purchasing all its computer equipment and cardboard packaging from social integration companies.

Our surplus ingredients are never thrown away.

We use them to produce bar soaps crafted by a Montreal artisan.

We donate it to the organization Le Chaînon (hyperlink to partnership) for the well-being of the women it welcomes in its residences.

Our surplus ingredients are never thrown away.

We use them to produce bar soaps crafted by a Montreal artisan.

We donate it to the organization Le Chaînon for the well-being of the women it welcomes in its residences.

Bottle Consignment

We have implemented a deposit system to recover, sterilize and reuse our glass containers. Our medium-term objective is to recover 100% of the bottles to put them back into circulation and to find a solution for the reuse or recycling of pumps.

You can return your empty Idoine bottles (15 ml, 60 ml and 100 ml) to stores that participate in our deposit system. This way, you will receive as many stamps as bottles returned on your Idoine loyalty card. If you don't have a loyalty card, you can request one at the store where you will return your bottles. After 12 stamps, receive a product of your choice (maximum value of $50). All the details are written on the card.

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