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Article: The appropriate value

La valeur Idoine - Idoine -  Produits biocosmétiques

The appropriate value

Are you among the people who find Idoine products expensive? For example, many people say that paying $60 (taxes not included) for a pot of cream is pointless. However, Idoine products are actually very affordable if you really consider what's inside:

1. Organic ingredients

Yes, buying certified organic ingredients costs more than buying ingredients that are not, and this is because producing organic is more expensive. Notably, fertilizers cost more and cultivation requires more labor.

2. Fair trade ingredients

Paying labor fair wages based on the cost of living costs more, which influences the cost of ingredients incorporated into Idoine cosmetics recipes.

3. Local production

While some ingredients contained in Idoine cosmetics come from outside, the manufacturing, bottling and sales process is done entirely in Quebec. This therefore implies higher costs than for a product manufactured in a region where working conditions are not regulated.

4. Premium Ingredients

In addition to being certified organic and fair trade, the ingredients (notably the essential oils contained in the products) are of superior and therapeutic quality .

This means that while many natural cosmetic companies will use essential oils to scent their products, few of them contain sufficient quantities of essential oils to treat the skin (for example, by acting as an anti-inflammatory). .

However, using ingredients that cost more to give better results for the skin also costs more!

5. Certifications

In order to provide a guarantee that what you are promised is true (organic, fair trade, vegan products, therapeutic essential oils, etc.), you must also pay the fees to affix certification to your product.

6. Large formats

Our large cream formats allow you to purchase products that cost less per milliliter! Before looking at the cost of a product, it is therefore important to look at the format.

7. Glass containers

Since essential oils disintegrate plastic, Idoine products are bottled in glass bottles , which cost more than plastic containers.

In addition, the containers of Idoine products are returnable . By returning them, you help reduce Idoine's ecological footprint, and in exchange for 12 containers, you get a free product of your choice!

By knowing all this information, I bet you will no longer look at your pots of cream the same way! Every Idoine product contains a lot of work and care, so that you get optimal results from use.


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