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Anti-wrinkle day face cream 240ml

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Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream slows the appearance of wrinkles while revitalizing mature skin. The oils it contains are ideal for maintaining the elasticity, firmness and suppleness of the skin. Its rich and dense texture is full of benefits to protect the skin from dehydration throughout the day.

Applied every day, it will protect your epidermis from the harmful effects of free radicals, including skin aging. The Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream penetrates the face quickly without causing a greasy feeling.

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Demineralized water, Aloe juice, Cistus hydrolate, Moringa oil, Rose hip oil, Avocado oil, Vegetable emulsifying wax (olive), Glycerin, arrowroot powder, Essential oil (EO) of Damask Rose, (EO) Geranium Bourbon, (EO) Hô wood, (EO) Palmarosa, (EO) Ylang ylang, (EO) Saro, (EO) Myrrh, (EO) Ciste Ladanifère, (EO) Sandalwood, Vitamin E, Ecocert preservative.