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Combination skin face cream 240 ml

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Healing and antimicrobial, the Combination Skin Face Cream is designed for oily or acne-prone skin. Idoine's recipe contains hydrosols and therapeutic essential oils which are among the best natural healing and astringents.

The omega-9 contained in moringa oil helps accelerate the healing process of wounds, cracks and dermatoses significantly more effectively than linoleic acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Combined with the Tonic, the Combination Skin Cream adequately hydrates the skin and provides a matte and uniform finish throughout the day.

Both softening and strengthening, the Sensitive Skin Face Cream is designed for fragile skin. Therapeutic essential oils are specifically chosen to activate blood circulation and thus fight against rosacea, rosacea and inflammation. The restorative properties of omega-9, contained in moringa oil, allow sensitive skin to face even the harshest winters.

Combined with the Tonic, the Sensitive Skin Face Cream protects the skin from daily aggressions. Designed from ingredients that stimulate the moisturizing and protective functions of the face, it will give new vigor to the most fragile skin.

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Demineralised water, Aloe vera juice, Peppermint distillate, Moringa oil, Jojoba oil, Macadamia oil, Ho Wood (EO), Cedar (EO), Clary Sage (EO), Palmarosa (EO), Saro (EO), Myrrh (EO), Ylang-Ylang (EO), Camomile (EO), Vitamin E.