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Purifying mask - Last drop

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1 20ml

A mask that does good
Ideal for combination and oily skin, this toning face mask stands out for the quality of the ingredients it contains. Designed from essentially Canadian and Quebec ingredients, using it is both an exceptional skin care routine and an unparalleled moment of relaxation.

Instructions for use: Once a week, apply a thin layer all over the face, avoiding the eyes, leave for 5 minutes without letting it dry and rinse thoroughly.



Cosmetic and Therapeutic Properties


The Purifying Power of Clay
Clay regulates excess sebum, attracts and binds toxins and other impurities to the skin. The Manicouagan grey clay used in this purifying mask naturally helps the skin's defense mechanisms. The properties of this clay are similar to those of green clay. It is detoxifying, repairing and regenerating and facilitates the remineralization of the skin.

Elderberry, Herbalist-Friendly
This shrub has been used since the dawn of time to cure a thousand and one health and skin ailments. The elderberry extract contained in the mask is known for its depurative virtues, i.e. it helps the body to evacuate its toxins and other impurities. Elderberry extract is also rich in phytonutrients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Squalane, the Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Agent
Squalane has an excellent affinity with your skin. It is present in sebum and is largely responsible for the skin's firmness and elasticity. As we age, the concentration of squalane decreases, which contributes to a feeling of dry, rough skin. Adding squalane to our products allows us to help you maintain stronger, smoother looking skin and is an excellent emollient. In other words, squalane is used to help stabilize the hydrolipidic film, (the skin's natural shield!) and maintain its hydration as well as facilitate the absorption of the cream without leaving an oily residue.