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Anti-Aging Line # 2 — 4 units

Anti-Aging Line # 2 — 4 units

Anti-Aging Line # 2 — 4 units

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Eye contour cream: Reduces fine lines and dark circles, suitable for all skin types. Gently penetrates, smoothes fine lines and reduces under-eye puffiness.

Elixir Serum: Stimulates collagen, regenerates cells. Moisturizes and reduces wrinkles. Lightweight and easily absorbed, apply to sagging areas of the face and neck.

Anti-wrinkle day cream: Slows the appearance of wrinkles, revitalizes mature skin. Maintains elasticity, firmness and suppleness. Protects against dehydration, quickly absorbed without a greasy feel.

Anti-wrinkle night cream: Stimulates nocturnal cellular activity, slows aging. Preserves elasticity, deeply moisturizes. Rich in vitamin E, moringa oil and essential fatty acids. Protects against free radicals responsible for skin aging.

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