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Idoine launches new products!

It is one of the main enjoyments of Catherine Meunier, founder and president of the company, to continually enrich the product line offered at Idoine. We are happy to launch three new face masks, all made of Manicouagan clay, located in the Côte-Nord region of Québec. Here is a description of all our new products: 

  • Pure Manicouagan clay mask (powder – mix with water): Clay is widely used in cosmetic lines since the dawn of time. So, why did we choose clay as a main ingredient in the production of our new masks? On one hand, if clay is so popular, it is because it works! We decided to launch a pure clay mask, notably for its efficiency in hydrating the skin, in eliminating impurities, and for its antiseptic properties. On the other hand, Manicouagan clay is particular in the sense that it is locally sourced and untransformed, it does not contain any pollutant, and it is very rich in minerals and organic matters, which are nourishing for the skin. 

  • Purifying mask (cream – ready to apply): Ideal for oily and combination skin, its key ingredients are Manicouagan clay, elderflower extracts and squalane. It purifies the skin while maintaining moisturization. 
  • Regenerating and brightening mask (cream – ready to apply): Developed for dry and mature skins, the main ingredients in this mask are Manicouagan clay and squalane, which you can also find in the purifying mask, as well as haskap, a berry full of antioxydants, and balsam poplar essential oil, known for its antiaging and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Gua sha: It is a spoon-shaped tool that you can incorporate to your skincare routine. It is multi-use: on clean skin, with a few drops of (moringa or rosehip) oil, it can be used for a facial massage allowing for muscle relaxation and deeper moisturization. Furthermore, it can be used to collect your skincare products more hygienically than with your fingers, to mix masks with water, and to apply masks on the skin. 

We hope you will be as pleased as we are to discover and use these new products!

Writer and collaborator: Éliane Dussault