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Our collaboration with Rachel


Rachel is collaborating with Idoine this Fall! Our two companies share this mandate to continually improve their practices, in order to reduce their environmental impact. Therefore, it is through coherent actions respective of both companies’ products, that Rachel and Idoine are launching their Fall products, as well as a self-care routine. 

Are you curious to learn more about our engagements towards sustainable development? Here are a few ones: 

At Rachel: 

  • Since 2019, the company makes constant efforts to integrate sustainable products to its collections. By the end of 2021, all Rachel products will be sustainable!
  • What are sustainable products? At Rachel, it consists of clothes made from procedures and materials that require less energy and resources, that are biodegradable and recycled. To learn more on all the materials used in the manufacturing of their clothes, visit their website
  • Among the company’s other goals, you may find: the use of entirely compostable packaging for the products, or the collaboration with suppliers who share the same engagement towards sustainable development. 
  • Rachel is currently working on becoming B Corp certified. This certification is one of the most complex to obtain, because of its high standards regarding environmental and social performance, public transparency, and employees’ working conditions.

At Idoine: 

  • Whether it be through offering zero waste products (bar soaps, reusable makeup remover pads and washcloths), or its container deposit program, whereby your containers are collected, sterilized, recycled, and exchanged for a reward, Idoine is engaged in reducing its packaging production.
  • Since its beginnings, Idoine proposes certified organic products. This means that ingredients are grown without pesticides, and manufactured without any synthetic substance, so they are safer for you and the environment. 
  • Recently, Idoine has invested more and more in choosing local ingredients for the manufacturing of its products! Stay tuned to our next blog articles to learn more on that matter. 
  • Idoine is also getting into B Corp certification! To learn more on all our sustainable development initiatives, visit our website. 

In short, at Idoine and Rachel, we believe that as clients, you deserve turnkey, easy solutions to supply yourselves with biocosmetic products and sustainable clothes. 

Author: Éliane Dussault