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A few little tips / winter remedies - in collaboration with Rachel


It is at the beginning of this new year that idoine bio and the local company Rachel continue their collaboration.The two businesses are, we remind you, based in Quebec and focused on eco-responsibility, which forms the strong authenticity of this collaboration.Here are some little tips they have managed to put together for you to have a very hydrated and warm winter...


First, it is very important to keep your skin hydrated. Not only the face because it is fully exposed to the cold and dry air, but the whole body. We can start by increasing our consumption of water and vitamins: drink at least 2L of water every day, eat more fruits and raw vegetables, if possible in order to retain as many nutrients as possible.Then, after showering and at bedtime, preferably, we invite you to apply body cream rich in vitamins A, D and E on the whole body.


It is also possible to amplify the hydration by mixing a few drops of Moringa oil in it, or by applying it as a step before applying the cream.Note that Moringa oil can be applied to the face as well.


When the skin is soft and hydrated, put on your tights and the Rachel organic cotton leg warmers - to keep your legs warm all day long - paired with your favourite skirt or dress.


 Here are some features of Rachel products that we believe are important to let you know about:


- All of their warm stockings and leg warmers are made of eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton;

- Their new tights are also made of eco-friendly materials, namely recycled nylon - this fiber being known for its softness in contact with the skin;

- A large majority of their stockings and tights are made in Italy and;

- The company offers more than 80 styles of tights, so it's easy to find the right fit!


We strongly believe that it is important and possible to take care of your body even during the coldest months.


It's winter, listen to your skin! :)